TC-IM Workshop for EURAMET TC Chairs on Digital Transformation

The first half of February 2021 brought about two virtual events that the WG Metrology for Digital Transformation (M4D) had been planning for the previous five months.

Chronologically, the first event was a workshop with the EURAMET Technical Committees Chairs, dedicated to the harmonised implementation of digital calibration certificates (DCCs) within EURAMET. In that perspective, the central goals of the workshop have been

  • the dissemination of current state-of-the-art information and
  • the estimation of specific field-related requirements for DCC development at the TC's level.

The preparation of the workshop went from preliminary interviews to the elaboration of summary documents that were subsequently circulated amongst the invitees prior to the plenary meeting. On the day, three hours of live interactions enabled the WG to thoroughly apprehend the needs of the EURAMET community in view of a generalised adoption of DCCs.

For information about the second workshop with the Chairs of EURAMET’s European Metrology Networks, please go here >>