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Online workshop on advanced optical spectroscopy for gas detection

5 November 2020, 10:15 – 16:40 CET

The project

EMPIR project Metrology for Airborne Molecular Contaminants II (17IND09, MetAMCII) is working to develop new spectroscopic techniques and reference materials to measure priority airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs; including HCl and NH3) at lower concentrations (<1 nmol/mol) and faster rates (<1 minute), than is currently possible. By developing techniques for timely and reliable AMC detection, this project will enable semiconductor manufacturers to make corrective actions before production yields are affected.

The workshop

The workshop, hosted by NPL and Gasera Ltd, will give an introduction of the current state-of-the art optical spectroscopy gas sensing methods and their key applications. It will provide an outlook on the rapidly evolving comb-based techniques and discuss their applicability in cutting-edge gas sensing.

Featuring a range of speakers from across research and industry, talks are planned covering subjects including:

  • Sensing applications and laser spectroscopy
  • Cavity-based techniques
  • Single laser frequency spectroscopic techniques
  • Comb-based techniques


These techniques are applicable across a range of sectors, including environment and healthcare.

Who should attend

Anyone involved in the detection and measurement of trace airborne molecular contaminants. Whilst much of the instrumentation described will be targeted at HCl at less than a few parts per million (ppm, or µmol/mol), they will also be applicable to many other molecular contaminants for sensitive molecular detection across a number of sectors including industry, environment and healthcare. The workshop is aimed at graduate students, scientists and industrialists looking to expand their knowledge of spectroscopic methods for gas detection.

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Margaret Collins NPL

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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Event Information

2020-11-05 to 2020-11-05
Online Workshop
EMPIR , EMRP / EMPIR Training , Industry