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National cofunding in the next programme – online workshop on time recording

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Time recording against national funded costs - sharing good practice

As part of its Horizon Europe programme, the European Commission has been consulting with the public on developing a new metrology research partnership. A principle objective of the partnership will be to create sustainable European metrology networks for strategic application areas and for support of emerging technologies.  

In response, over the course of the past year, EURAMET has been pleased to prepare an official answer to the consultation, and has since worked hard with EURAMET Delegates, EMPIR Committee Members, TC and EMN chairs, and NMI/DI finance departments to instigate a pilot process exploring how we could collect financial information to justify the national cofunding in the next programme.

As a part of this ongoing pilot study it has become clear that the practicalities of time recording and aggregating time records for the purpose of demonstrating national contribution to the EMNs and other strategic activities are not universally straightforward. While some organisations are accustomed to H2020 compliant time recording practices for example, others are not and are not sure of the best way forward for expanding time recording beyond that for grant funded projects.

This workshop aims to discuss best practice for time recording and for aggregating time records for reporting purposes, and to share examples of real-world applications of H2020 rules. There will be an opportunity for organisations less confident or able to easily demonstrate time commitments to discuss their concerns or issues and for EURAMET finance officers to feedback on possible ways forward so that organisations can develop or improve their capabilities in recording and processing time records accurately and efficiently.

Who should attend
Those responsible for and/or having an interest in reporting costs on EMPIR projects and their organisation’s national funded activities, plus any colleagues they feel it is relevant for.

Date: Wednesday 28 October 2020

Location: Online platform

Session 1, Time recording requirements and considerations, 10:00 CEST – 10:45 CEST

This session will discuss best practice for time recording:

  • Minimum requirements
  • Authorisation
  • Timecodes for EMPIR projects and types of national funded activity*
  • Aggregation of time records

*Any further questions on what constitutes national funded activity will be left to the end of session 3 as it is not the purpose of this workshop. Should there be a lot of questions we will issue more guidance and consider holding another workshop on this topic, if required.

Session 2, Examples of good practice, 10:45 CEST – 11:30 CEST

This session will discuss examples of good practice at European NMIs.

BREAK between 11:30 CEST – 12:30 CEST

Session 3, Q&A and troubleshooting, 12:30 CEST – 13:30 CEST
This session will provide an opportunity for troubleshooting, both in the form of a Q&A component, and through the exploration of specific case studies notified to the EURAMET MSU ahead of time.

  • Should you wish to discuss a specific difficulty your organisation is having in achieving H2020 compliance with time recording, please let EURAMET MSU know by 21st October 2020.

Contact EURAMET MSU at:

Event Information

2020-10-28 to 2020-10-28
Online Workshop
EMRP / EMPIR Training