Metrology for Industry (Call 2023): Open consultation on Metrology for Radiation Protection

Brainstorming Workshop on Radiation Protection issues with Industry Representatives in the context of the upcoming Industry Call 2023:

Support for technological trends: EURAMET’s Work Programme on ‘Metrology for Industry (Call 2023)’


The registration is closed. For any questions or last-minute registration, please contact the EURAMET Secretariat.

On 5 and 6 October 2022, EURAMET and the European Metrology Network for Radiation Protection are inviting to an online brokerage event for stakeholders to shape EURAMETs upcoming call: ‘Support for technological trends: EURAMET’s Work Programme on Metrology for Industry’.

European basic safety standards deal with the protection of humans and the environment from the dangers of exposure to ionizing radiation. However, the practical implementation of basic safety standard requirements brings with it some new challenges! Therefore, it is crucial to have an open discussion between the metrology communities and the relevant radiation protection stakeholders, to identify metrological needs in the context of radiation protection.

For the first time, we would like to create a forum for open exchange with industry representatives on metrology topics defined by you – where your input is the most valuable to us.

We expect some topics of discussion at the event to cover situations of occupational and public exposures to ionising radiation (in normal and emergency situations) – including issues such as:

  • exposure to radon
  • NORM
  • needs for new radiation detection methods/systems, e.g. in NORM or recycling industry
  • emergency exposure situation
  • pulsed fields, high energy fields
  • new operational quantities
  • calibration of sensor networks or validation of software
  • environmental monitoring
  • legal metrology
  • harmonisation of requirements, e.g. for personal dosimetry or type approval
  • accuracy and reliability of radiation sensors in process control
  • occupational radiation safety and dose estimation
  • and any other topics


How can metrology best support you?

We invite representatives from industry with links to radiation protection to share their vision for future metrology needs. These needs will support the radiation protection community in developing solutions, through calls for joint research projects within the European Partnership for Metrology.
We also expect representatives from academia, international organizations and platforms dealing with radiation protection - such as the IAEA, ICRP, EURADOS – as well as Europe's metrology community.
Join the Brainstorming Workshop and support radiation protection in Europe by sharing your own views, ideas and visions for future improvements!

Based on your input, the EMN for Radiation Protection will be able to prepare well-researched orientation pages to shape the Industry Call in 2023.


For any questions, please contact: