International Conference: Metrology for Meteorology and Climate

25 to 29 September 2023, Turin, Italy

The conference

The Metrology for Meteorology and Climate conference will present studies, projects and activities aimed at improving our capability to measure and understand the Earth’s meteorology and climate.

The conference will be hosted at the castle and park of Stupinigi, a few minutes from Torino, offering a great historical and natural environment. The programme will include site and laboratory visits, together with cultural tours for participants and accompanying persons.

Topics will include:

  • Traceability and uncertainty
  • Ground based systems: Temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. Wind speed and direction, solar radiation. Quantities of influence and mutual influences. Sensor dynamics.
  • Upper air measurements: Aircraft-based measurements.
  • Ocean research: metrological traceability to the SI system for the measurement of the key variables salinity, pH, composition and dissolved oxygen content of sea water.
  • Water:  Water vapour, liquid water, ice, hygrometry, soil moisture. Rain and snow gauges.
  • Permafrost temperature measurements: instruments, procedures and calibrations.
  • Assessment of the historical temperature measurement with respect to uncertainties on instruments used.
  • Thermal metrology for meteorology and climate.
  • Chemical metrology for environment and climate.
  • Instruments and measurement capabilities, calibration procedures, best practice and regulations.


Satellite events have been planned, such as the GCOS Surface Reference Network annual meeting and Copernicus and EURAMET joint research projects meetings related to the key themes of the conference.

The preliminary schedule is:

  • November 2022: Second announcement and details
  • January-February 2023: Call for papers and abstracts submission open
  • May 2023: Deadline for abstracts submission
  • June 2023: Abstract acceptance notification and preliminary program
  • July 2023: Final programme


Full information

Call for papers

Contact email address: A. Merlone (INRIM),  G. Coppa (INRIM)

EMPIR project workshop

EMPIR project Climate Reference Station (CRS, 19SIP03) will be running a workshop at the conference. This project is a “supporting impact” project closely related to its parent projects MeteoMet 1 and Meteomet 2. CRS is developing reference stations to determine the extent of environmental bias in climate monitoring data. These results will be supplied to the World Meteorological Organization and the Global Climate Observing System to aid in the development of future reference-grade ground-based stations. At the end of the project the results will improve data comparability between monitoring stations, strengthen climate models and help locate potential problems within monitoring networks.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States

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