EURAMET Training Course on Acoustics measurements (Sound in Air)

The registration is closed - this training course is fully booked.


The training course aims to improve the knowledge of the less experienced laboratory staff in EURAMET NMIs/DIs in the field of the calibration and testing of measuring devices used in acoustic metrology.

The training will include lectures concerning the devices used in acoustic metrology and methods of their calibration and testing, practical exercises in laboratories and estimation of measurement uncertainties.

The training will comprise a mixture of 2 days lectures and 3 days of practical sessions.

Who should attend 
EURAMET NMI/DI staff dealing with calibration and testing of measuring devices used in acoustics, requiring extension of knowledge and experience.

Participants are expected to have basic knowledge in acoustic metrology. 

Programme outline

Lectures: Acoustic measuring devices – requirements and calibration methods in the international standards:

  • Measurement microphones (IEC 61094 series of standards)
  • Sound calibrators (IEC 60942:2017)
  • Sound level meters (IEC 61672 series of standards)
  • Octave-band and fractional-octave-band filters (IEC 61260 series of standards)
  • Personal sound exposure meters (IEC 61252:1993)

Laboratory exercises:

  • Measurement microphones (calibration by different methods)
  • Sound calibrators (single and multi-frequency) calibration by calibrated microphone and by comparison
  • Calibration and testing of sound level meters:
  • Testing of 1-octave and 1/3-octave filters:
  • Calibration and testing of personal sound exposure meters

The above programme may be amended according to the participants needs.

The trainers are
Danuta Dobrowolska, GUM, Poland
Joanna Kolasa, GUM, Poland

Participant eligibility
EURAMET NMIs and DIs; further participants according to availability and upon invitation.

Additional information
Please note that two training courses will be held in two consecutive weeks:

  • Training Course on Vibration (3-7 June 2019);
  • Training Course on Acoustics (10-14 June 2019),

which will enable participants to attend both courses if they want to do so. Due to limited space in laboratories, number of participants per session in each training course is limited to 4.

In case there is a higher number of applicants than available places, the training courses might be repeated later this year.

Participants are kindly asked to arrange travel and accommodation themselves. Information about suitable accommodation and transfer can be downloaded here >>

For questions please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer Tanasko Tasić.