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EURAMET-BIPM Training on review of quality management systems

EURAMET - BIPM Training on review of quality management systems for compliance with CIPM-MRA requirements

Training documents are available for EURAMET TC and SC contact persons. Please login in to the website to access the material and please note the copyright information you will get after login.

The objective of this training is to prepare quality managers and persons involved in reviewing NMI/DI quality management systems in order for them to carry out the review in the scope of CIPM MRA.Participants will be provided with an understanding of the CIPM MRA and related processes, in particular the review of QMS and an understanding of EURAMET specific processes and expectations.

This is not a basic training for QMS assessors according to ISO/IEC 17025 or 17034. Participants should have some relevant previous knowledge on these topics.

Who should attend 
EURAMET NMI/DI Quality managers, persons involved (now or in the future) in the NMI/DI QMS review process in the scope of CIPM MRA. 

Programme highlights 

  • Introduction to CIPM-MRA
  • EURAMET as an RMO and CIPM-MRA related activities
  • EURAMET TC-Q structure, operation and internal communication
  • EURAMET TC-Q Review process
  • Peer Review vs Accreditation
  • Expected changes in the process due to revision of ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • Specifics of peer reviews
    - physical metrology
    - metrology in chemistry (both chemistry and biology)
  • Good practice in reporting and presentations 
  • Lessons learned/Round table discussion
  • Peer visits as a part of QMS review
    - EURAMET expectations (minimum requirements, including requirements for peer review assessors)
    - Case studies (examples) – On-site peer review – problems, lessons learned, impact, resulting changes,
  • Practical exercises
    - (working in groups, 4x5 participants)
    - Presentation of the outcome, discussion

The lecturers at the workshop

  • Hanspeter Anders METAS
  • Robert Benyon INTA (Host)
  • Dolores del Campo CEM
  • Martti Heinonen VTT
  • Andy Henson BIPM
  • Silvie Hoffmanova EURAMET
  • Kai Stoll-Malke PTB
  • Nieves Medina Martín CEM
  • Enver Sadikoglu EURAMET  (UME TUBITAK)
  • Wolfgang Schmid EURAMET

Participants eligibility
EURAMET NMIs and DIs; further participants according to availability.

The registration is closed.

Information on accommodation, local transportation and security clearance:

For questions, please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer Tanasko Tasić.

Participants of the Training

Event Information

2017-11-07 to 2017-11-08
INTA, Madrid (Spain)
Capacity Building , Metrology System Training