BIPM-WMO Metrology for Climate Action Workshop

The BIPM-WMO Metrology for Climate Action Workshop 2022 is a global virtual workshop running from 26 – 30 September, supported by EURAMET and the European Metrology Network for Climate and Ocean Observation.

The workshop is an opportunity for experts and stakeholders across the field of climate science to come together, engage is discussions and idea-sharing, and raise issues and recommended actions for climate action.

Participants can view recorded presentations and posters, take part in discussions, and hear insights from some of the most eminent and influential voices in climate science, including CIPM President Dr Mynand Louw, GCOS chairman Prof. Dr Ham Dolman and UK Government Chief Science Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

Additionally, EURAMET is hosting a virtual pavilion at the workshop to showcase the work of the organisation, the European Metrology Networks and Technical Committees.

On day 1, EMN Climate and Ocean Observation chair Emma Woolliams be introducing Theme 1 of the workshop, ‘Metrology in support of the physical science basis of climate change and climate observations’, setting the scene for the discussions to follow and the expectations for the outputs of the workshop.

Interactive Poster Sessions: 27 – 28 Sept, 13:00-16:00, UTC+2
Draft Recommendation Meetings: 29 – 30 Sept, 13:00-15:00, UTC+2

For more information about the workshop (including the full workshop timetable and topics list) and to view the available presentations and abstracts, see the Metrology for Climate Action website:

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