Advanced mathematical and computational tools in metrology and testing 2023

26 – 28 September 2023, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This conference will be organised by IMEKO, the European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics (EMN Mathmet) and IMBiH, the National Measurement Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Conference aims

The overall aims of the conference series are to provide a multi-disciplinary forum to:

  • Understand better the modelling, statistical and computational requirements in metrology
  • Develop new mathematical and computation tools for measurement and testing
  • Promote national, regional and international collaboration
  • Support young researchers in metrology and related fields
  • Transfer best modelling and computational practice to testing and calibration, industry and other client communities


The conference will also celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the first Advanced Mathematical Tools for Metrology conference held in Turin, 1993.

Conference scope

The conference invites contributions relating to the general themes of:

  • Mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Data analysis, machine learning and uncertainty quantification
  • AI, knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Trustworthiness of data, models, algorithms, and software
  • Digital transformation and data science


and on how mathematical and computational tools can enable metrology to address challenges in:

  • Advanced manufacturing and industry, e.g., digital twins, IoT
  • Environment and climate e.g., sensor networks, smart cities, earth observation
  • Energy and sustainability, e.g., smart grids, infrastructure monitoring
  • Life sciences and health, e.g., imaging, machine learning


Note: submissions relating to instrument design or experimental results alone are not within scope.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 2023.

Full Information, including submission of abstracts, registration and provisional programme


Alen Bošnjaković
Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Branilaca Sarajeva 25, 71000 Sarajevo B&H

Meriha Hadžimusić
Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Branilaca Sarajeva 25, 71000 Sarajevo B&H

Alistair Forbes
National Physical Laboratory
IMEKO T21 Scientific Secretary

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