EMRP research projects

Measurement research in EURAMET’s completed EMRP projects developed the measurement methods and techniques needed to support innovation and promote the uptake of new enabling technologies into products and services that will underpin future economic growth. This research was focused on technologies for the nanoscale, for advanced material characterisation, and those for a safe and secure world.

Technology on a small scale

Innovations in high value industries, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and bioscience, all hinge on our ability to characterise materials and products on an increasingly small scale. The following projects covered this topic.

Technology for advanced materials

Both businesses and consumers are demanding increasing complexity, speed and performance from ever smaller electronic devices. To achieve this nanoscale wires, sheets, and tubes are being developed that are revolutionising how materials are used in new products and applications. The following projects covered this topic.

Technology for a safe and secure world

The introduction of new technologies and new ways to more reliably analyse data both have great potential to increase the safety and security of our world, but could also expose us to new sources of risk. The following projects covered this topic.