EMN for Clean Energy established

EURAMET's European Metrology Network for Clean Energy is now officially established.


The network will cover a range of topics including the generation, storage, conversion, and utilisation of renewable energy sources. The initial focus will include generation and utilisation of solar and wind energy, efficiency of use, photovoltaic, wind power and temporary energy storage.

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New portal showcases benefits from metrology research

The measurement solutions developed by collaborative projects within EURAMET’s Metrology Research Programmes are used by companies across Europe and around the world to fulfil their measurement needs.


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News Highlights

EMPIR project contributes to more accurate observations of ocean acidification

Carbon dioxide, released from man-made activities, is lowering the pH of the Earth’s oceans, and impacting the health of marine organisms worldwide

Stylistic image showing bubbles with CO2 written inside being drawn down to the ocean
Around one third of this gas is absorbed by the Earth’s oceans
Partnership project helps improve the thermal comfort of public buildings in Rwanda and South Africa

Working with external project Cool White to test and suggest improvements on the locally available white paints

Image showing university campus, Rwanda
University campus, Rwanda
EMPIR project establishes new calibration capabilities and guide for Ultra-high voltage measurements

The project FutureEnergy has provided new calibration services for ultra-high voltages and a good practice guide on Lightning Impulse dividers

White lightning bolts light up a night sky against illuminating a series of electricity pylons
Lightning above electricity pylons