Take part in the stakeholder survey of EMN for Smart Electricity Grids

Smart electricity grids have the potential to revolutionise Europe’s energy future. As flexible, interconnected electricity networks, smart grids are able to increase the reliability and efficiency of electricity supplies. To support Europe’s transition towards the implementation of smart electricity grids, EURAMET has established a dedicated European Metrology Network (EMN SEG) - that is focused on addressing the most pressing measurement needs in this field.

The EMN is now reaching out to its stakeholder community directly to hear their thoughts on the current and future measurement challenges facing this transition towards a secure, clean and efficient energy supply for Europe. The EMN aims to find out more about specific stakeholder needs that are involved with successfully implementing a European-wide smart grid network.

Responses to the stakeholder survey will help to clarify the EMN’s initial tasks, including a strategic research agenda (SRA) that will form the basis of the EMN’s measurement infrastructure for the energy transition.

Stakeholders will have the chance to rank measurement challenges that are identified in the EMN’s draft SRA, as well as the opportunity to provide general feedback on the network’s research direction.

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  • Smart Electricity Grids' draft Strategic Research Agenda for download >>

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The deadline for participating is Friday, 30 April 2021.


Are you involved in the following areas? Please participate in the survey and provide feedback to the EMN:

  • government or public institutions that are involved in the electricity industry
  • electricity generation companies
  • transmission system operators
  • distribution system operators
  • utility companies
  • standards developing organisations
  • technology manufacturers
  • electricity industry associations
  • engineering service providers
  • retail companies
  • universities
  • research centres
  • ICT and telecom companies
  • Consultancies.

Draft Strategic Research Agenda

Please help us prioritising measurement challenges your organisation is involved in.

Feedback can be provided in questions 4 and 9 in the survey. Further information is provided in our draft Strategic Research Agenda on: