EMN Smart Electricty Grids: Stakeholder Survey

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About this survey
This survey reaches out to you as stakeholders across the electricity industry to understand your thoughts regarding current and future measurement challenges and needs in smart electricity grids.

The European Association of National Metrology Institutes, EURAMET, has recognised the strategic importance of the electric grid as a key backbone for a secure, clean and efficient energy supply in Europe. To address these challenges, it created the European Metrology Network (EMN) on Smart Electricity Grid (SEG) to focus on the European and global metrology needs and to support industry efforts in this field.

The EMN SEG aims to become the central nucleus to cover all European electricity grid related measurement needs, including those raised by the uptake of renewable energy sources and the related decentralisation of the electricity grid, to facilitate the energy transition. Your responses will feed into the EMNs initial tasks, including a strategic research agenda, which will then be used by the EMN to develop a harmonised and sustainable European measurement infrastructure to catalyse the energy transition. Read more in our news section >>

EMN Smart Electricity Grids: Stakeholder Survey 2021

1. Organisational and Personal information
2. Your organisation's involvement in the field of electricity industry
3. Your unit/department
4. Current and future research needs related to smart electricity grids
5. Current policies
6. Current barriers facing the deployment and commercialisation of renewable energy sources
7. Involvement in European or national research projects
8. Membership in any standardisation or legal organisation
9. How would you estimate the priority of the following measurement needs that require addressing by 2030?
Measurement Challenges identified in the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA):
Please go to: https://www.euramet.org/seg-measurement-challenges
9. Revenue Metering
9. Power Quality
9. Digital Substations
9. Instrument Transformers and Sensors
9. Grid Monitoring and Data Analytics
9. Efficiency
9. High-Voltage Testing
9. DC Grids and Applications
9. Grid Integration
10. Other 'high' priority measurement needs or challenges (if appliable)
11. Contact
12. Stay in contact
Would you be interested to stay in contact with us in order to
- share relevant measurement challenges?
- contribute to the strategic research agenda (SRA) of the EMN SEG
Data privacy consent*
Data collected during this survey will inform the Strategic Research Agenda of EMN Smart Electricity Grids.

The full data will be processed by the EMN members METAS (Switzerland) and VSL (Netherlands), which are the two institutes in charge of conducting the survey and its analysis. The data without personal information will be shared with the other EMN members. The personal data will not be used for other purposes and will be deleted.

Information on data protection:

EURAMET's data privacy policy is available at https://www.euramet.org/meta-menu/privacy-policy/

METAS: https://www.admin.ch/gov/en/start/terms-and-conditions.html

VSL: https://www.vsl.nl/en/privacy-statement
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Draft Strategic Research Agenda

Please help us prioritising measurement challenges your organisation is involved in.

Feedback can be provided in questions 4 and 9. Further information is provided in our draft Strategic Research Agenda on: