The gateway to Europe's
integrated metrology community.

Our Mission

Is to provide a coordinated and serviceoriented European metrology infrastructure to enhance metrological traceability of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). We will contribute to improved patient safety, support the European IVD industry to meet regulatory requirements, and align European activities with global challenges by:

  • Connecting with stakeholders to exchange information on needs, experiences and progress in metrology based data assessment
  • Promoting coordinated top down research based on stakeholder requirements
  • Building capacities for metrological traceability
  • Establishing close links with European reference laboratories

Our Vision

Is to become the European gateway for coordination of activities and services concerning the traceability of measurement results based on in vitro diagnostics to:

  • Justify the public confidence in comparable test results
  • Support the European IVD industry
  • Provide the foundation for evidence based medicine
  • Enhance the validity and reliability of electronic health records

For download: Overview of EMN TraceLabMed (PDF)