Workshop Uncertainties in Radiometric Temperature Measurements at INRIM 12 October 2012

Project Description

In the frame of the CCT-WG5 research plan devoted to high-temperature  fixed points (HTFPs) and the European joint research project "Implementing the new kelvin, InK", thermodynamic temperatures will be assigned to a set of selected Cu, Co-C, Pt-C and Re-C HTFP blackbodies.
Several NMIs worldwide will contribute to this important task by implementing different radiometric methods involving radiometers, spectroradiometers, photometers and radiation thermometers traceable to electrical-substitution absolute radiometers (cryogenic radiometers).
Beyond their differences these methods rely on common radiometric bases which need to be thoroughly analysed and understood.
The aim of this workshop is to serve as the occasion for sharing (experimental) experience about these techniques with a particular emphasis on the uncertainty assessment. Among the topics which will be dealt with in the form of short presentations followed by open discussion among the participants are, for instance: the integrating sphere radiance inhomogeneity, the diffraction and diffusion effects, signal processing, realisation and calibration of apertures, distance measurements, stability and calibration of current-to-voltage converters...etc.
This workshop is sponsored by the working group 5 "Radiation Thermometry" of the CCT and is part of the activities of the JRP InK.

Final Report 2013-04-02

This workshop was held at the kick-off meeting of the EMRP project InK ("Implementing the new kelvin" coordinated by G. Machin (NPL). It was a unique opportunity to gather most of the NMIs within Europe and in the world around technical discussions all related to the radiometric thermodynamic temperature measurement issues.
The workshop was attended by 25 participants on site and 8 participants through the Internet. The main topics, introduced by 12 short presentations and discussed among the participants, were:  out-of-band transmission, diffusion in monochromators, stability of filter radiometers, integrating sphere inhomogeneity, diffraction and diffusion errors due to apertures, electrical measurements
One of the outcomes of the workshop is the preparation of an uncertainty guide that NPL has agreed to coordinate in the near future. 

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