Workshop on traceable measurement of surface texture, September 21-22 1993, London

Project Description

There was widespread interest shown in the measurement of surface texture (sometimes also referred to as roughness or smoothness) at the meeting of Contact Persons held in November 1991. Although many States carry out measurements in this field it is not well known what work has been carried out in Europe in recent years, what current work is being undertaken and what measurement services are now available. It is necessarily a broad field given that industrial interest now covers surface amplitudes from subnanometres to micrometres and surface wavelength from nanometres to millimetres. It was therefore decided that a workshop should be organised to include the following areas for discussion:

  • Measurement services now offered by NMIs
  • Surface texture instruments in common use
  • Industrial requirements for surface texture measurement
  • Research programmes current and planned by NMIs
  • Collaborative work supported by the BCR
  • Action plan

The workshop will begin on 21 September at 13.30 and will end on 22 September at 12.30. Any reaction to this proposed programme together with registration for participation should be sent to Dr. Berry at NPL before 21 July.

Length (L)
K. H. Berry, NPL (United Kingdom)
Fax: +44 81 943 2945
Coordinating Institute
NPL (United Kingdom)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)
RISE (Sweden)