Workshop on 'Secondary and Reference Mass Standard'

Project Description

The discussions during the project 328 about the cleaning of stainless steel mass standards showed that there is no common procedure for realising and maintaining the secondary and reference mass standards. Many problems are to be studied and the participants would keep the opportunity to discuss more ahead in that field.

It has been proposed to continue in the frame of a workshop of one day. The participants will present one or more points in the following list relating to the realisation and characterisation of their own secondary and reference standards.

  • list of operation before and after calibration
  • manufacturing (alloy, form, manufacturer...)
  • density measurements
  • magnetic susceptibility
  • cleaning method
  • storage and handling conditions
  • operation time table

The contributions are to be sent to the coordinator before end November 1995.
The workshop will take place on the ocasion of the annual meeting of the mass coordinators.

Mass manufacturers will be invited. Progress Report submitted to EUROMET Secretary in March 2004

Final Report 2016-04-12

The final workshop was held in April 2010. The project has been superseded by IMERA, EMRP and EMPIR collaborations.      

Progress Report 2010-05-06

This workshop aims at exchange ideas in the field of mass metrology in national institutes. It is a kind of container in which participants present their own practices and the news in their labs. In includes developments for the dissemination scale, improvements in the procedures to maintain the stability of standards, but also evolutions in calibration methods. All these points give new ideas in order to improve and to harmonize practices to maintain the mass metrology at the highest level both in research that for transfer to industry.

For examples, it can be cited:

  • Realisation of micro-mass standards below 1 mg or new standards to replace stainless steels (LNE),
  • Cleaning efficiency of standards by UV/O3 method (NPL),
  • Development of a calibration system for the preparation of dried spikes (IRMM),
  • Automation of calibrations by development of new software (VSL).

Since 1995, the workshop takes place during the mass session of the annual meeting of the TC-M.