Workshop of high voltage experts

A meeting of NMI high voltage calibration experts will be arranged on Thursday, 24th of September 2009 in connection with CIGRE working group D1.33 (High voltage testing and measuring techniques) meeting in Budapest, Hungary. The aim of the one day meeting is to share experience, discuss technical problems and plan future co-operation in the area of high voltage calibration. The main topics to be discussed are:- Ideas for joint projects in high voltage metrology- Discussion about on-going comparisons- Planning of future comparisons In addition, participants are invited to prepare short presentations e.g. on the following subjects for discussion: - Description of activities and or new services- Presentation of recent work- Discussion on unsolved problem- Definitions of the quantities to be calibrated, e.g. changes in LI definition- Experience with using numerical techniques, e.g. convolution- Influence of and need for changes in HV testing standards from the metrology point of view

Final Report 2010-02-01 

It was decided, to continue meeting informally, close in time and place with CIGRE WG D1.33. If the meeting is kept outside Europe, the respective regional organization (e.g. APMP) could arrange the Meeting.The tentative time and place of the next meeting is on week 35 (30.8.-3.9.2010) in Iceland.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
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MIKES (Finland)