Volume comparison at 100 microliter - Calibration of micropipettes

Project Description

The purpose of the comparison is to compare the results of the participating laboratories regarding the calibration of two micropipettes of 100 microliter using the gravimetric method and to link these results with the KC CCM.FF-K4.2.2011.

Final Report 2016-11-25

The comparison has been completed and results are published in der KCDB.

The micropipettes showed a stable volume during the whole comparison, which was confirmed by the results from IPQ, the pilot laboratory.
The original results of all participant NMIs were corrected to the standard atmospheric pressure in order to compare results under the same calibration conditions, and the contribution of the “process-related handling contribution” was added to the uncertainty budget of each participant.
For the micropipette 354828Z, two laboratories had inconsistent results. For micropipette 354853Z, three laboratories had inconsistent results.
There is a large variability in the uncertainty values presented by the participating laboratories, which means that the uncertainty procedure is not yet harmonized, considering that for micropipettes the largest source of uncertainty arises from the repeatability and not from the calibration method. 

In general the declared CMC are according to the KCDB.