Transferring knowledge on pressure balance calibration

Project Description

In this project one person from NML will participate in training at PTB on the calibration of a pressure balance. A bilateral comparison will also be carried out between PTB and NML. The training and comparison will be based on the calibration of a Pressurements V1600 pressure balance using NML reference pressure standards. The training will concentrate on the measurement techniques, data collection and evaluation and uncertainty estimation. The training will take place on 24/25 August 2006 and the bi-lateral comparison will take place in August/September 2006.

Final Report 2008-09-15

This project related to consultation between NML, IE and PTB, DE on the transfer of knowledge and technical expertise to NML on the calibration of pressure balances. This project concentrated on the calibration of a V1600 pressure balance using low pressure reference standards.
NML provided the calibration artifact and one person from NML undertook a two-day training at
PTB on the calibration of this artifact using a Furness FRS4 and Ruska 2465 pressure standards.
The training concentrated on the measurement techniques, methods of data collection and the
evaluation and estimation of measurement uncertainty.
A bi-lateral comparison was also then undertaken using the V1600 pressure balance as the intercomparison device. For analysis of the measurement data and the determination of the degrees of equivalence, the PTB results were considered to be the reference values. The degrees of equivalence between PTB and NML were expressed as En-values. The V1600 balance was calibrated at 51 points over its full range from 20Pa to 16,000 Pa. The En-values were all smaller than unity at all points calibrated.
The comparison results can be considered satisfactory and support the uncertainties quoted by NML for the calibration over this range.
A detailed report has been written and can be obtained from the coordinator at NML.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Eugene Reilly, NSAI NML (Ireland)
Coordinating Institute
NSAI NML (Ireland)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)