Traceability of spectral transmittance

Project Description

Transmittance transfer standards (filters) of Metrosert will be calibrated regularly by HUT in the wavelength range 250mm - 1000mm

Final Report 2018-12-07

The project is concluded.During the project, Metrosert has obtained traceability of spectral transmittance from MIKES-Aalto regularly to provide service to customers. Based on the analyses of history of calibration results, Metrosert has developed internal check procedure of filter stability and improved calibration interval of the filters.

Progress Report 2017-12-11

No activities in the year 2017, expected activity in September 2018.

Progress Report 2016-12-22

No activities in the year 2016.

Progress Report 2014-03-25

No activities in the year 2013.

Progress Report 2013-02-14

No activities in the year 2012.

Progress Report 2011-02-17 

No activities in the year 2011.

Progress Report 2004-05-31

No activtity in this project.

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