Traceability of spectral irradiance scales using detector based standard lamps

Project Description

PTB maintains a spectral irradiance scale derived from black bodies in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared region. The spectral irradiance transfer standard lamps (detector based system) of the BEV will be calibrated on a regular time schedule in the wavelength ranges 250 nm - 1000 nm.

Final Report 2014-03-21

No new calibrations.

For many years the BEV did not provide any service measuring the spectral irradiance. Cause of this reason the traceability project was closed at the end of last year.

Progress Report 2014-02-14

No new calibrations.

Progress Report 2013-02-15

There were no activities in the period from 02/2011 to 02/2012.

Progress Report 2013-02-14

No new calibrations.

Progress Report 2011-03-04

No new calibrations.

Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Coordinating Institute
BEV (Austria)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)