Traceability of DC High Voltage Reference Systems up to 200 kV

Project Description

The organisation of a supplementary comparison in the field of high DC voltage (EURAMET.EM-S25) was decided at the TC-EM meeting in October 2007:

  • a Travelling Reference Measuring System (TRMS) has circulated among the participants. The high DC voltages measures by the measuring systems of the participants was compared with those obtained by the TRMS
  •  the measurement error of the TRMS has been determined at the following voltage levels: 1 kV, 10 kV, 50 kV, 100 kV, 150 kV and 200 kV (both polarities)
  •  the measurements were completed in July 2008
  •  the Draft A report has been sent to the participants; the Draft B report is under preparation

Final Report 2011-11-15

The comparison has been completed and results are availbale in the KCDB.

This comparison was proposed in order to check the capabilities of the participating NMI in the area of high DC voltage. Measurement capabilities of DC voltage level were compared.
A 200 kV Travelling Reference Measuring System (TRMS) circulated among the participants and they compared the high DC voltages obtained by their own measuring system with those obtained by the TRMS.
All the participants were asked to follow their usual measurement procedures corresponding to their best measurement capabilities
Summary of results:
Good consistency of comparison results was achieved.
The comparison results offer a good oportunity to check the CMC of the participants in the field of high voltage DC measurement.
More care should have to be put in order to cancel the incluence of the self heating of the travelling system.

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