Traceability in partial discharge (PD) apparent charge and other parameters

Project Description

High-voltage partial discharge (PD) tests require calibrations of PD measurement systems when connected to the test objects. The calibrations are performed using PD calibrators, which provide known values of the apparent charge, Q. The apparent charge is the main quantity characterising the partial discharge pulses, but may also provide other known values of other properties of the PD pulses. Traceability of these PD quantities is presently provided by a number of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), by using calibration systems for PD calibrators.

The proposed comparison enhances the confidence of these PD calibrator calibrations systems and ensures the integrity of the traceability of the PD measurements in participating economies. 

Travelling Reference PD Calibrators (TR-PDC) will circulate among the participating laboratories. Each laboratory will perform the measurements of outputs of the TR-PDC using its own calibrator calibration system under the conditions specified in this protocol.

The comparison will be registered as a supplementary comparison in BIPM KCDB. SP has volonteered as coordinator and the support group is from MIKES, LCOE and NMIA.

The project has been discussed by the TC-EM SC-Power High Voltage Experts Group. Final technical protocol will be decided on next meeting Sep 2012.

Progress Report 2022-09-08

The measurement loop is ongoing (approx. 50% complete).

New participants in this project are: GUM (Poland), MIRS/SIQ/METROLOGY (Slovenia), NRC(Canada), IATTE (Argentina)

Progress Report 2021-03-11

  • Calibration of partial discharge calibrators
  • Measurands: apparent charge and rise time of step voltage pulse
  • Transfer device: travelling reference partial discharge calibrators
Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Joni Klüss (RISE, Sweden)
Phone: +46 105 165 518
Coordinating Institute
MIKES (Finland)
Further Partners
National Measurement Institute (Australia)
National Institute of Metrology (China)
National Research Council of Canada (Canada)
Instituto de alta tensión y transmisión de energía (IATTE)