Traceability in lightning impulse

Project Description

An intercomparison of Lightning Impulse. The traveling reference measurement system will be provided by HIGHVOLT. It contains a resistive measuring divider SMR 10/700 (for up to 700kV LI), a cable and a digital recorder MIAS 200-2/2C (200MS/s, 12bit, 2 channels).

Full voltage:

  • Time parameters: 0.84/60 and 1.56/60
  • Voltages: 100 kV to 700 kV in steps of 100 kV with both polarities

Front chopped:

  • Voltage: 150 kV
  • Time to chopping: 0.5 µs – 0.6 µs.

The reference measurement system will be characterized at SP, MIKES will be responsible for the analysis of the results and LCOE will organise the transport. The comparison will be organised in two rounds, the first one for EURAMET countries and the second round for non-EURAMET NMIs or DIs.

Final Report 2020-11-25

The comparison has been completed and results are available in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2020-10-02

Final report was approved by TC-EM.

Progress Report 2019-09-25

The measurements were concluded on 2019-03-31. Draft A has been written and sent out to all participants for commenting. The results are consistent for most labs. As we have a multidimensional space measuring 4 parameters for up to 28 voltage levels and 2 parameters for 2 voltage levels, the report has to be at hand.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
RISE (Sweden)