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Traceability in capacitance and loss factor measurements up to 200 kV

Project Description

Three reference capacitors will circulate among the participants and they will measure the capacitance and loss factor of the travelling standards. Different voltage levels (low voltage and high voltage up to 200 kV) and frequencies will be applied to make the comparison measurements.

Final Report 2016-11-30

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

This intercomparison was designed as an extension of EURAMET.EM-S33, performing the measurements simultaneously for both intercomparisons and using the same travelling standards.
A set of reference capacitors whose capacitance and loss factor were measured at different voltage levels (low voltage and high voltage up to 200 kV) has been measured at frequencies between 50 Hz and 1kHz for low voltage and 50 Hz for high voltage up to 200 kV. Travelling standard consisted of a set of four reference capacitors (TRC) with fixed input and grounding leads and the corresponding connection cables.

  • System 1: 100 pF and 200 kV
  • System 2: 100 pF and 700 V
  • System 3: 500 nF and 10 V
  • System 4: 5000 nF and 10 V

The parameters to measure were the capacitance and loss factor of the four systems, three capacitors were measured at low voltage and frequencies from 50 Hz to 1 kHz, and the fourth capacitor at 50 Hz and voltages between low voltage and 200 kV.

The coordinating laboratory was LCOE (Spain) and the participating Institutes were LNE (France), VTT MIKES (Finland), RISE (Sweden), TÜBITAK UME (Turkey), PTB (Germany), and LCOE (Spain).

The number of participants was quite small and some of the Institutes did not perform all the measurements, therefore comparison reference values are based sometimes in the results of only 3 or 4 Institutes. Very good agreement between institutes is obtained for high voltage capacitance measurements and for low or high voltage dissipation factor measurements. Only a few low voltage measurements of capacitance are not compatible, but the intercomparison was mainly designed for hv measurements not for low voltage capacitance measurements. Results of the comparison proved the calibration and measurement capabilities of the participants in the field of capacitance and dissipation factor measurements, especially for high voltage up to 200 kV.
Undertaking the work collaboratively through EURAMET has proved to be an excellent tool to compare calibration and measurement capabilities of NMI and DI, as well as an opportunity for several Institutes to improve their CMC´s.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
LCOE (Spain)


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