Traceability and mutual recognition of impulse voltage measurements

Project Description

The objectives of this project are :

  • developing and establishing a generally acepted impulse/DC conversion for high voltage measurements
  • setting the scientific bais for mutual acceptance of impulse voltage measurements within and beteen the participating countries, and also in general, mutual recognition and acceptance of reference measuring systems and calibration certificates of high impulse voltage measurements
  • to further develop the impulse voltage measurements and intercomparison techniques and to address difficult situations like testing with and measurements of full and front-chopped impulses superimposed with noise, oscillations and overshoot.

The objectives are dealt with by performing intercomparison measurements at 1 kV level and 400 kV level. The objectives also relate ti improving the infrastructure in the countries by improving measurements, calibration sevices and mutual recognition of tests and calibrations.

Final Report 2006-10-13

Measurements are completed, and reported for the European Union Standard, Measurements and Testing (SMT4) program. Draft A has been delayed for quite a long time. The measurements have been performed already years ago, and the results been reported to the participants already in 2003 in the final report required by the SMT4.
We have presented a shortened version of the SMT4 final report at CPEM06 and submitted a paper to the respective special edition of IEEE Trans. Instr. Meas.
The participants have been asked in autumn 2006 whether there is a need of a formal final report, which would be required before the results of the project could be included in the BIPM Key Comparison Database (KCDB). No indication of such need was expressed, and comparison EUROMET.EM-S12 can be removed from the KCDB.
The project can be considered closed.

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Further Partners
HUT (Finland)
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VNIIMS (Russia)
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