Three-phase AC power and energy comparison at 50 Hz

Project Description

Bilateral comparison of three-phase power and energy. A reference electricity meter is used as transfer standard to compare realizations of 3-phase power and energy in SP and MIKES.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>

Final Report 2012-03-01

A transfer standard for three phase electrical power was provided by SP in spring 2010. SP made first measurements in May 2010. The transfer standard was then sent to MIKES, where the measurements were performed in May and October 2010. SP repeated the measurements once more in October 2010.

A joint paper on the work was submitted to CPEM 2012: J. Hällström, S. Svensson, E.-P. Suomalainen and P. Immonen: "Bilateral three-phase 50 Hz power comparison".



Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
MIKES (Finland)
Participating Partners
RISE (Sweden)