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Thermodynamic temperature measurement of high-temperature blackbodies

Project Description

The cooperation in research aims at the improvement of thermodynamic temperature measurement of high-temperature blackbodies by

Improvement of the furnace characterisitics (i.e. stability, temperature homogeneity, emissivity, thermal properties)
Improvement of detector characteristics
Development of new experimental methods for thermodynamic temperature measurements using radiometric methods

The results of this project will be used to determine the thermodynamic temperature of high-temperature blackbodies as standards for temperature and spectral radiance as well as for high-temperature metal-carbon eutectic fixed-points for their implementation in a new International Temperature Scale

Final Report 2009-03-25

The project has been finished and the results are availabe in Metrologia, 2008, 45, n°3, 325-329.
A paper regarding the fabrication and characterisation of the Pt-C cells has been published in Metrologia (Lowe D., Anhalt K., Hartmann J.: Construction and validation of a platinum-carbon eutectic fixed-point ).
An improved furnace design using usual graphite for temperatures up to 3000 °C has been developed and is currently under investigation at PTB. The advantage of this furnace is a cavity with a free diameter of 50 mm allowing a simple installation of high-temperature fixed-points. Additionally a new concept of improving the temperature homogeneity by applying additional heating elements will be considered. A poster of this concept has been presented at Newrad 2009 ([WE_P_08]Practical_high-temperature_furnace_for_the_application_in_radiometry,_photometry_and_thermometry_Klaus_Anhalt.pdf).

At LNE-INM, most of the attention and efforts were concentrated on the construction of Co-C cells with a new proposed design, referred to as “hybrid” due to the combination of C/C sheets and a sleeve. The hybrid cells are filled in one step (when Co cubes are used instead of powders) with a piston that helps, all at once, finalising the cell, reaching a filling rate close to 100% and  obtaining a sample of the eutectic material for impurity analyses. Details on the method and the results have been presented at Tempbeijing 2008 Conference (F. Bourson, S. Briaudeau, B. Rougié, M. Sadli: ‘Developments around the Co-C eutectic point at LNE-INM/CNAM).

The EURAMET Project 864 covers work which is now part of the CCT-WG5 project on High-Temperature Fixed Points, as well as the EURAMET project 926. We will therefore report in EURAMET project 926 for the next steps of this work in the future and formally finish the EUROMET Project 864 with this report.

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