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The assessment of uncertainty in mass calibration at national laboratory level

Final Report 1994-01-14

A definitive version of the comparative study of the different procedures adopted by the participants in the processing of the same set of raw weighing data is now available [1]. It is based on the latest versions of the individual reports prepared by each participant. Several discussions on the subject contributed to clarification and harmonisation of the different procedures.

A general model of mass comparisons, taking all the identified influence quantities into account in a multivariate approach, was developed and applied to uncertainty evaluation [2], according to [3]. The participants agree that this is a valuable contribution on which specific procedures may be built by each of them.

It is suggested that a new EUROMET proposal should be formulated on the applicability of the general model to mass metrology.

[1] W. Bich, A. Gosset, C. Yardin, S. Lewis, S. Davidson, M. Gläser, R. Schwartz and L.R. Pendrill, 1994 "EUROMET Project 231 on uncertainty in mass metrology - The assignment of uncertainties to the NPL W43 set of reference weights: a comparative study of the different procedures", IMGC Report P199, 1993, 13 p.

[2] W. Bich, M.G. Cox ad P.M. Harris, 1993 "Uncertainty Modelling in Mass Comparisons", Metrologia 30, 5, 1993

[3] ISO, 1993 "Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement", Switzerland, First ed., 1993

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