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Technical characteristics and calibration capabilities of testing facilities for big water meters in Europe - Establishment of a data base

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to establish a data base accessible for everyone interested in the characteristics and capabilities of testing facilities for big water meters situated in Europe. The meters to be tested by these facilities are of DN > 200 mm and are foreseen for metering cold and warm water and for heat.

In order to establish this data base (which will be then also maintained by the project holder) the participants of this project and the labs known to them are asked by a questionnaire to return the corresponding data. The testing facilities meant shall be more or less those available for customers and serve the purpose for calibration and verification rather than for scientific research work.

Besides the technical aspects of the testing facilities, the data base shall also give links to the site and staff of the testing facilities.

The database will be available to the flow community by means of a website and/or other means.

Final Report 2010-02-05

  • The purpose of this project was to establish a data base with informations on testing facilities for big water meters ( mainly for cold water meters > DN150, > 150 m3/h, but also for smaller ones and additionally for hot water meters, heat meters, cooling technology and sewage meters) in Europe. The user may have a quick look into the data base to see which testing capabilities and which kind of service he can expect
  • 41 labs responded (see annexed files), partly with fragmentary information

The data base shall be kept as a live report on the web site of the TC Flow or EURAMET. The BEV takes on the task of updating this report. Labs wishing to make a change / supplement sends it to the BEV and at intervals of approx. a year the TC Flow updates the public copy.

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