TC-L initiative to archive data of Key and Supplementary comparisons

Project Description

TC-L has concerns about the long term storage of key comparison data in the raw, original format. At the moment only the pilots have the original data available and in the case that the pilot left the NMI or was no longer contactable, the data would be difficult to obtain without major effort amongst the participants. Also the EA would soon be making requirements on those who conduct comparisons, whereby they would require safe storage of items such as the protocol, raw results, and the final report. By doing this now, TC-L would be already be complying with these needs. The list of documents which should be included in the proposed archive is:

  • Technical protocol
  • Folder with the individual laboratory results*
  • Spreadsheet with all results and analysis*
  • Draft A report
  • Executive report*      (*optional, if existing)

The data will be collected and harmonised by the proposer. For the storage place the EURAMET web server is considered (with restricted access).

Final Report 2022-10-05

As elucidated in the project description, this project was established to store key comparison and supplementary comparison data for the subject field length. In 2008 no comparable inventory existed, neither at EURAMET nor at BIPM and some data were already in risk of loss due to retirement of pilots etc. As of today, all mandatory information (technical protocol and final report) is accessible via the KCDB for all technical fields. Also, on EURAMET TC-L page one can find this information, even historical ones.

Considering these facts, TC-L concluded to finalise this project at its 15th meeting. The pilot assures oneself that currently archived data will be kept safe at the EURAMET site. It is restricted to TC-L contact persons (via their credentials).

Progress Report 2019-10-10

The monitoring of changes in the status of EURAMET KC and SC has been conducted by the pilot. The Excel file is up to date (September 2019) and the actual data to be archived is currently hosted at the BEV.
For the future of the project one should consider:

  •  Mandatory data (TP and Final Reports) are currently archived also at the KCDB
  •  Retention and continuous maintanance is vital for this project
  •  The continuous maintainance of this project is quite a workload for the pilot.

This points will be discussed at the 2019 TC-L meeting.

Progress Report 2009-09-04

After a first call to the pilots of past key and supplementary comparison all data sent to the coordinator was collated. The EURAMET web server was found to be the optimal place for permanent archiving. The data is stored as ZIP files (one for each comparison) on a non-linked page within the restricted TC-L area. Therefore, no persons other than the web page administrators are able to access it. In the future a special user account will be set up, this has to be discussed in the next TC-L meeting.


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