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Synthesis of arbitrary waveforms using the Josephson effect

Project Description

The EC-funded projects Provolt and JAWS have stimulated successful collaborative research in the area of precision waveform synthesis based on the Josephson effect. At the JAWS mid-term meeting, the wish to continue this collaboration was expressed, even though the possibility of further EC funding is very small at present. A Euromet Cooperation in Research Project is therefore proposed according to the Euromet document E-G05-V01.It is expected that participants in the project will be carrying out significant funded research in this area at their institutes. As an enhancement to document E-G05-V01 the definition of formal development tasks and objectives in this project should be considered. The definition of these tasks would be part of the project.A method for controlling the dissemination of information, results and technology from the project through, for example, publications, presentations, samples, devices and instrumentation should be agreed by the partners. The ownership of Intellectual Property should also be addressed. The EC Model Contract for Research and Technological Develpment could be used as a starting basis.

Final Report 2010-07-22

This project was established at the conclusion of the EC-funded projects Provolt and JAWS which had stimulated successful collaborative research in the area of precision waveform synthesis based on the Josephson effect. The aim was to facilitate further collaborative research in this area between EURAMET members and promote the exchange of technical information.  Under the umbrella of this project, a pilot project "BJAPS" was formulated in 2005 for the iMERA initiative to develop an electrical power standard based on binary-divided Josephson junction arrays.  The project was coordinated by PTB with 7 EURAMET partners, also VNIIM and NIST from outside EURAMET and was initially planned to run from April 2006 to March 2009.  A further project "JOSY", "Next generation of quantum voltage systems for wide range applications" was subsequently formulated under the first phase of iMERA-Plus, TP4 Electricity & Magnetism, with the aim of introducing quantum-based measurement systems into AC metrology.  It is again coordinated by PTB with 10 partners and runs for 3 years from March 2008.  As it overlaps with the original BJAPS project, this project was closed.  With the successful establishment of these iMERA projects, it was concluded that this EURAMET project 756 is no longer necessary and it was therefore terminated at the October 2009 TC-EM meeting.

Progress Report 2004-03-31

The project should run for a reasonable length of time so that significant research can be carried out, a period of 3-4 years is suggested.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Jonathan Williams, NPL (United Kingdom)
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