Supplementary comparison of ultra-low direct current sources

Project Description

  • follow-up of comparison EUROMET.EM-S24 (completion 2013) of small direct current
  • nominal values ±100 fA , ±1 pA, ±10 pA, ±100 pA, and ±1 nA
  • use of a specially designed transresistance amplifier, the ultrastable low-noise current amplifier (ULCA) as travelling standard. The ULCA’s transresistance is 5·109 V/A.
  • in combination with a DVM (owned and traceably calibrated by the respective participant), the ULCA serves as a current meter
  • along with the ULCA, a Zener reference (Fluke 732C) will be sent to the participants (proof of consistent voltage measurements)
  • the ULCA, in a transportable thermostat with continuous temperature stabilization, and all equipment will travel by PTB car – for technical/logistics reasons, participation in the star-like comparison will be restricted to institutes within reach by car from PTB
  • calibration of ULCA and Zener reference at PTB prior and after transport to/from participant
  • proposed overall available duration of measurements per participant: 3 weeks

Contact details of the additional coordinator:
Martin Goetz, PTB (Germany)