Supplementary comparison of national standard facilities in the field of measuring the polarization and specific total power loss in soft magnetic materials

Project Description

The magnetic power loss of three samples of soft magnetic materials shall be determined using the measurement equipment of the NMIs. Additionally, the performance of the different pieces of equipment shall be determined using one well known sample.

The pilots should be UNIIM as a member of COOMET together with the PTB from EURAMET.

Final Report 2015-05-01

The comparison has been conpleted and results are published in the KCBD.

Evaluation of the comparisons results:
After the evaluation of the data in agreement with the rules of EURAMET the agreement of the comparison seems to be good. The data of NMIs participating in the comparisons can be judged as concerted that is an objective confirmation of the declared uncertainties.
There is one exception for all participants for the measurement on a grain-oriented ring sample at high frequencies. The results show clearly that the measurement equipment used for this kind of samples is not suited to get consistent results. Thus, there is further work necessary to get equipment suited for higher frequencies. Until this is done, the uncertainties of all participants for these values have to be increased significantly!


Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Martin Albrecht, PTB (Germany)
Phone: +49 531 592-22 50
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Further Partners
UNIIM (Urals Scientific Research Institute of Metrology, Russia)