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Supplementary comparison: Intercomparison of calibration of a rotary piston gas meter G650

Project Description

A rotary piston gas meter ELSTER IRM-3-DUO G650 DN150 will be used to compare low pressure test facilities over the flow range (50 ÷ 1000) m3/h. The gas meter G650 will be calibrated at 9 flow rates: 1000 m3/h, 800 m3/h, 650 m3/h, 450 m3/h, 350 m3/h, 250 m3/h, 160 m3/h, 100 m3/h, 50 m3/h.

The laboratories should carry out the calibration using their normal procedures. HF pulse emitter (NAMUR) and upstream straightening pipe 5 x DN will have to be used.
If laboratories are not able to cover all the flow rates, they may calibrate the meter over part of the flow range.

Each laboratory will be responsible for the transfer of the meter to the next laboratory. It is expected to be realised in two loops. The first loop will be for the Schengen Area countries.  The second loop will be for the remaining countries, when the ATA Carnet will be issued and these countries will have to use a specific parcel service for the gas meter transport.

Test conditions:
Test gas: air                                        Test pressure: near atmospheric
Test temperature: (21±2) °C                  Relative humidity: less than 70%

Progress Report 2024-03-04

A final report will be issued after all participants have completed their measurements.
Tests of the  gas meter G650 are carried out according to the scheduled programme in the individual laboratories.

RISE (Sweden) is now participating in this project.


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