Study of capacitance loss factor standards at 10 kV level

Project Descripion

The aim is to study the characteristics of a loss factor standard. Measurements will be performed in MIKES in spring 2011. Preparation of a joint report or publication will be coordinated by VNIIM.

Experience of this research will be used for preparation of a formal loss factor comparison with wider participation.
A new portable loss angle standard in wide range of capacitance and dissipation factor will be used.

Final Report 2012-03-01

Characteristics of two loss factor transfer standards built by VNIIM were studied in joint measurement session in MIKES in May 2011. Results from this session were used to compare MIKES and VNIIM capbilities for tand calibration. The range of losses covered by the transfer references was from 1e-4 to 1000e-4, using voltages from 10 kV to 1 kV.
A joint paper on the work was submitted to CPEM 2012: J. Hällström, M. Klionsky and E.-P. Suomalainen: "Methods for comparison of loss angle standards at 10 kV level".
During the Euramet high voltage experts meeting in September 2011 a number of NMIs (SP, MIKES, LCOE, UME, PTB and NMIA; possibly also VNIIMS and LNE) have presented their interest in participating on a comparison based on this project.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
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MIKES (Finland)
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