Study of Argon triple point devices behaviour

Project Description

UME in one hand, BEV and INM on the other hand, are using different types of devices not working on the same principle to calibrate their standards at the argon point.

To avoid any transportation of heavy instruments, BEV, INM and UME decided to calibrate two long stem thermometers in their different devices (with a check for thermometer stability at the Hg and water triple points) in order to get information on the behaviour of the devices to improve the uncertainty budgets.

Final Report 2008-09-15

The thermometers used for comparing the behaviour of the different devices were belonging to UME and were calibrated at the argon triple point in the three institutes. After the comparison, the thermometers were used in a regional comparison, coordinated by UME. Due to the long delay since the beginning of this project, the coordinator decided to close it. So no specific final report will be found here.

Thermometry (T)
Coordinating Institute
Participating Partners
BEV (Austria)
UME (Türkiye)