On-site visits by peers - Remote peer reviews of VINS

Project Description

According to the CIPM MRA and EURAMET rules, peer visits are foreseen in aim to establish the required level of confidence in the quality management system. This project will arrange the on-site visit by peers (or remote peer review due to COVID-19 situation) of VINS (DI of Republic of Serbia), in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

The scope of visits will cover the field of Ionising Radiation that will be conducted by expert from IRCL/GAEC-EIM (DI of Greece), as well as QMS field that will be conducted by expert from DMDM (Republic of Serbia). The peer review is planned to be conducted by the end of 2022. Progress of the project will be reported annually to the EURAMET TC-Q.

Quality (Q)
Coordinating Institute
VINS (Serbia)