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Revision of EURAMET Calibration Guide No.2 on Calibration of Gauge Block Comparators

Project Description

Update of Calibration Guide No.2 "Calibration of Gauge Block Comparators" to the new format, correction of some identified errors, and general edits with additional information.

For an overview of EURAMET's Calibration Guidelines, please go here >>

Final Report 2023-10-10

The Calibration Guide No 2 "Calibration of Gauge Block Comparators" has been updated as requested by experts from NPL and UME taking into account all received comments. A list of amendments has been sent to the Secretariat. Further discussions on formatting have taken place and the document has been submitted for publication. This concludes the TC-L work in this project.

Progress Report 2023-09-28

The text of Calibration Guide has been updated by staff from NPL and UME. The updated guide was send to the secretariat in December 2022. Several edits were then jointly made/agreed until January 2023 when a final list of changes was supplied by NPL staff to the EURAMET secretariat. The document was due to approval by the BoD in their February 2023 meeting. The TC-L work on the document is therefore considered complete, however as the revised document has not yet been published, the TC-L project will be held open until publication is completed.

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