QHE resistanhce standard with DVM and JAVS readout

Project Description

It is the aim of this project to evaluate the uncertainty of QHE measurement set-ups with JAVS or DVM read-out and to exchange experience with these set-ups among EUROMET and other interested laboratories. Recent develop-ments towards a binary JAVS, as well as evaluation of modern high linearity DVMs, show that this alternative method can be an interesting complement to CCC measurement set-ups.

The project started in February 2002, with an inventory of interested countries in this project. In 2002 the first exchange of experiences will be organised, possibly via a web-site.

Final Report 2004-02-02

At the quantum experts meeting in Bratislava (SK) in June 2003, a presentation was given on the set-up and uncertainty evaluation of QHE measurements using long-scale DVMs. Following the presentation a discussion was held on the uncertainty contributions of potentiometric QHE measurement set-ups.
The quantum experts meeting appeared to be an effective and fruitful way of exchanging information, which was the aim of this EUROMET project.

Further Information

Progress report - July 2003

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
VSL (Netherlands)