Proposal for RH CMC review protocol based on Euramet questionnaire

Project Descrition
The aim of this project is to write proposal for CMC review criteria in the field of relative humidity (RH) to the CCT working group 8, which is based on RH CMCs claimed by Euramet members in their accredited service.

The RH CMCs of the Euramet members are to be collected by a questionnaire in a form that can be compared to each other for different air temperature and RH ranges. Based on this questionnaire, a proposal for RH CMC review protocol is expected to be written in a form of flowchart or other means.

 Final Report 2009-03-24

Intercomparison in the field of relative humidity (RH) are very limited in numbers and also in range. So far, no RH key comparison was carried out, and is not likely to be started in the near future. For that reason a questionnaire was sent to each EURAMET member to report their CMCs in the field of RH that they claim in their calibration service.
Based on the questionnaire analysis, results from dew-point comparisons and different published data in the field of RH measurements a numeric tables were obtained which could serve as one of the review criteria in the CMC review process. In addition, other criteria were introduced, such as regional comparison and those that originate form existing dew-point review protocol. A proposal for RH CMC review protocol was submitted to specifically opened BIPM discussion forum on 9th May 2008, making it avaliable to CCT working group 8. Several other experts form other RMOs were invited to join the discussion.  


Thermometry (T)
Coordinating Institute
MIRS/UL-FE/LMK (Slovenia)
Participating Partners
INTA (Spain)
MIKES (Finland)