Peer review of QMS of LNE-ENSAM

Project Description

The aim of the project is to perform the peer review of the QMS of LNE-ENSAM. A peer review programme including the visits by quality and metrological experts in the laboratories of the
LNE-ENSAM in the field of dynamic pressure is planned in May and September 2022.
The proposed project intends to insure the conformity of QMS of LNE-ENSAM to ISO/CEI 17025:2017 standard and to improve the QMS process using a peer review with respect to the requirements of the CIPM MRA.

For this project, an internal audit by an external quality assessor covering the management system according to ISO 17025 :2017 was carried out in May 2022. The visit by the technical assessor will be on 16th September 2022. This assessor from VTT MIKES (Finland) is working for the Finnish Accreditation services (FINAS) since 2011 making assessments of the technical competence of calibration laboratories according to ISO 17025:2017.
The conclusions of this project should be presented at the EURAMET TC-Q meeting in March 2023.
The fees of the peer review will be fully paid by LNE-ENSAM.

Quality (Q)
Coordinating Institute
LNE-ENSAM (France)
Participating Partners
MIKES (Finland)