On the procedure to be followed when results of comparisons have been approved

Project Description

During the last EUROMET Electricity and Magnetism Technical Committee meeting (Paris, October 2002), the problem of what to do when the results of key or supplementary comparisons have been approved was discussed. The main concern was the effect of comparison results on CMCs. Leaving any action to each NMI seems to be too much uncontrolled and not in line with the point of view of the JCRB. On the other side we would not like to give the Technical Committee a formal surveillance authority, if nothing else because it would be quite difficult to organise. It was decided at the meeting to set up a working group in charge of preparing a procedure. When a draft is ready it will be sent to all Contact Persons. Then the EM-TC chairmen of the other RMOs will be contacted.

Final Report 2003-11-12

A proposal was prepared and, after receiving the comments of the contact persons, was sent to the EUROMET chairman for submission to the meeting of the JCRB on March 2003. The proposal required that the comparison coordinator prepare three tables with information about the comparison uncertainty, the compatible uncertainty of the participants and the uncertainty of the CMCs more directly related to the comparison; these tables were to be sent to the RMO TC chairpersons for further action, under the usual procedures of the CMC work. From discussion at the JCRB meeting it was considered that the proposal would call for additional work from the pilot laboratory, which could not be accepted.
At the RMO TC chairpersons meeting on 3 November 2003 in Paris, the same proposal was included as a working document. After discussion, agreement was found on an alternative proposal, that the final report of a comparison include statements of the participants addressing the effect of the comparison results on their CMCs.
This project was useful to stimulate discussion at different meetings. Because a solution was agreed, at least within the Electricity and Magnetism community, the project is finished.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
GianCarlo Marullo Reedtz, (INRIM)
Coordinating Institute
INRIM (Italy)