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On-site peer review LGUL (Luxembourg) in the area of gravity

Project Description

The Geophysics Laboratory, DI in gravity, is on its way to publish CMCs. Therefore, the Quality Management System (QMS) and the calibration and measurement capabilities have to be peer reviewed in accordance with the requirements given by ISO/IEC 17025.
Metrological experts from METAS (Switzerland) will carry out the peer review of LGUL correspondingly to the EURAMET Guide for On-site visits by peers in the framework of CIPM MRA (G-TCQ-PRC-006).
The conclusions of the peer review and the QMS will be presented to EURAMET TC-Q during the annual meeting in 2020.
Travel, accommodation and local costs will be covered by LGUL.

Final Report 2020-04-02

The peer review organised as part of EURAMET projec 1499 was carried out in accordance with the audit programme agreed with the designated Luxembourg institute Laboratoire de géophysique de l'Université du Luxembourg (LGUL) in an open and very constructive atmosphere. Our warmest thanks go to the person in charge, Prof. Dr. Olivier Francis.

The audit was conducted in two stages. In the first part, the technical part (measurement installations, premises, ambient conditions, CMCs, uncertainty budget, etc.) was audited by the technical expert and head of the "Mechanical Quantities and Ionising Radiation" domain at METAS. The second part of the audit focused on the general situation of the laboratory, and more specifically on LGUL's quality management system and its interactions with laboratory activities.

The aim of the extraordinary peer review was to check that the system put in place by LGUL meets the conditions required by the CIPM MRA to ensure international recognition following the initial presentation at the TC-Q Meeting in April 2020.
The auditors particularly appreciated the willingness of the laboratory manager, Prof. Dr. Olivier, to implement the quality and metrology approach within the university. The exchanges between peers were beneficial for both parties. The laboratory gives a good overall impression. It is extremely well-equipped, with well-trained and competent staff. The laboratory shows a great concern for quality, which can be seen in the systematic checking of instruments before calibration and in the perfectionism of its technical achievements.
At present, the DI is responsible for the terrestrial gravimetry unit and for ensuring the primary standard in Luxembourg.

The current quality system, although there is room for formal improvement, fully satisfies the technical aspects of ISO 17025:2017.
A few non-conformities were noted by the auditors, and are therefore part of the continuous improvement process.

After the audit results, the laboratory manager encountered some difficulties and did not wish to continue with the resolution of his non-conformities and abandoned his initial presentation to the TC-Q.

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