Meeting of experts on the quantum Hall effect and the Josepson effect

Project Description

Representatives from all the participating laboratories give a short report on research and development activities, new organization and facilities in the field of Josephson voltage standards(JAVS), QHE, DC voltage metrology and resistance metrology in general.

Technical presentations were given on JAVS and QHE. There were discussions on the EUROMET running projects 429, 449, 495, 496, 497, 541, 554, 432, 435, 472, 540.

The convener Dr.Beat Jeckelmann presented the new organization within the EUROMET subject fields and made propositions for the future activities in the sub field “DC and Quantum metrology”.

The next experts meeting of the sub-field will cover JAVS, QHE and SET. It will be held in Bratislava in June 2003 and organized by Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (SMU). The exact date (three days) will be communicated as soon as possible

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