Meeting of experts on the Josephson Array Voltage Standards

Project Description

In immediate continuation of the QHE experts meeting, June 1st 1993, a meeting of Josephson Array Voltage Standard experts will be held June 2nd 1993 at the Danish Institute of Fundamental Metrology, Lyngby, Denmark.
Topics on the agenda include:
Results of recent JAVS intercomparisons.
How to perform JAVS intercomparison: Purpose, set-up, voltage transfer sources, results.
Problems with voltage references: Excessive noise in Fluke (732A(?), comparison of Fluke-Datron.
Calibrations at the 10V level using 1V and 10V arrays: Set-ups, experiences.
Automation of JAVS set-ups: Experiences.
Advances in fabrication: New materials, new devices, on-chip oscillators.
Availability of JAV chips.
Applications of Josephson potentiometry: Linearity of voltmeters.
Future meetings: Biannual meeting on electrical quantum standards (QHE+JAVS+SET)?
Outside of the agenda will be the possibility to discuss the progress on the metrological applications of Single Electron Tunneling effects. A meeting with SET as the main subject is scheduled for spring/summer 1994 in Paris. etc.



Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Hans D. Jensen, DFM (Denmark)
Coordinating Institute
DFM (Denmark)