Measurement of line scales of one meter long

Project Description

Several metrological institute calibrate line scale for European industries. These line scale are used as transfer standard for checking or calibrating measuring benches. The organisation of an European intercomparison was decided in order to compare measuring results and uncertainties.

The transfer standard will consist in a 1030 mm long line scale. Measuring will consist in determining:
- Repetability of measurement on one line,
- Uncertainties of measurement of each decimetric line.

The final list of participants with time schedule, handling and measuring instruction will be sent by seperate mail to participants.



Further Information

The intercomparison will start at the end of 1991, Participating laboratories will be asked to inform LNE not later than November 31 of their agreement of the approximate date and time needed for the measurement.

Length (L)
Marc Priel (LNE, France)
Coordinating Institute
LNE (France)