Measurement of a 1 mm Stage Micrometer

Project Description

The comparison has been proposed and is organised by BEV (AT). The comparison is complementary to concurrent comparison EURAMET.L-K7.2020, in order to serve the needs of National Metrology Institutes using different techniques and/or lower uncertainties for stage micrometers. The artefact will be a single stage micrometer of 1 mm total length. The participants are asked to report all 100 divisions in electronic format.

Progress Report 2023-10-03

The circulation was completed in September 2022 and the artefact was inspected by the pilot. All reported results are fairly consistent with no significant outlier or other problems. The Draft A report (Excel sheet with results and preliminary evaluation) was sent to participants end of 2022 with no objections. The pilot planned to issue the final report in a machine-readable form. After some time-consuming study on the status of international standardisation and available software tools, it was decided to put this project last.
So, the Draft B report will be issued in the standard CCL format in due time.

Progress Report 2022-02-16

The measurements started in August 2020 with BEV (AT), GUM (PL), INM (RO), CEM (ES), RISE (SE), INRIM (IT) in this order. CEM reported severe contamination of the artefact on reception. This was confirmed by an intermediate inspection at BEV. The artefact was actually unusable and was sent to PTB (DE, not a participant in this comparison) for further investigations.

It was decided to use the first three reported results before contamination (BEV, GUM, INM) and to start over with a new acquired and characterised artefact. CEM, RISE and INRIM withdraw the results on the first (destructed) artefact and will perform measurements with the new stage micrometer. This new round started at March 2021 with following participants: DMDM (RS), NIM (CN), NMISA (ZA), INMETRO (BR), INTI (AR). This sequence is concluded and all but one participant reported results so far. (NMISA was not able to perform the measurements due to problems with their lab.)

The arrangements for regulations of the customs (carnet ATA) did not work satisfactory in all countries. A massive delay at the importing to the EU was the consequence.

Finally, the timetable was updated, and the measurements are on schedule now. Following NMIs will complete the circulation CEM (ES), INRIM (IT), RISE (SE), UME (TR) and NMISA (ZA).

Length (L)
Coordinating Institute
BEV (Austria)
Further Partners
INMETRO (Brazil)
INTI (Argentina)
NIM (China)
NIMT (Thailand)
NMISA (South Africa)