LegalEVcharge: Practical legal metrology framework for electric vehicle charging stations

Project Description

The project result will be a consistent and practical metrology framework for AC and DC electric vehicle charging stations. The framework will cover requirements for the making available on the market and the putting into use, as well as for maintaining stability of measurement. It will be suitable for the protection of the consumers and fair trading, and respect the principle of proportionality.

The resulting documents will be compliant with MID as far as the meter itself is concerned, and structured according to their normative density to allow for easy transposition into national law.

To make sure these documents are practical and pragmatic, systems for laboratory and on-site verification will be set up and tested.

Progress Report 2022-06-09

UME (Turkey) and BFKH (Hungary) are now participating this project.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Christian Mester, METAS (Switzerland)
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